Created the Timeline page. Using it as a guide for the dates of events, so I can cross-reference against it and other articles and basically double check my work. Gonna use the Cra'awrios calendar for it, which is basically pretty much the same as the Makhavireth calendar with different names and a different calendar era. Year 0 is the point of first contact between the three landmasses.

This is pretty huge, and a step in the right direction for my organizational work. Getting all the dates down in this is going to be such a help when dealing with new articles. Going to import years and events from my notes into the timeline article, and go one to list other events and detail them with their own articles. Working through time is going to be a little simpler and more easily manageable than just tossing a bunch of red links down on the main page and going through them one-by-one til I see blue instead.

It's been a solid months since I last did any major work on this wiki, and I'm greatly ashamed of myself for it. I'm going to try and write at least a little something every day. Not necessarily in this wiki, but somewhere and something, at least a paragraph. I'll probably move on to a page a day or something at some point, but I want to become more disciplined here so I can eventually move on to write an actual book with this weird world of mine.