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My name is Peregrine, or Perry. I'm an unpublished author, been writing since I was seven but haven't had the courage to submit any of my works as of yet. This is a wiki for my world setting, and will be the base for all of my worldbuilding. Basically, I'm trying to cast off the various pages and pages of fiction that are clogging up my PC onto a website. I hope you enjoy what you find here, however crazy, nonsensical, or unorganized it may be.



What it's About

The fate of the world stands upon the edge of a knife - Infernals run free across the width of three continents. The birth of an empire unfolds in the smallest corner of the greatest landmass. Magic runs untamed across wild jungles amidst tectonic upheaval. The greatest forces of creation rise to the surface and chaos reigns again. Only the greatest of heroes have any hope of fighting back against the encroaching horrors of this new age. They must face off against the leaders of an infernal invasion, resist or join the Lion of Vengehar, and bring order or destruction to the lands of magic's first breath. It is by these heroes' will that the world lives or dies.

This is the Age of Arcana.

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Major Locations

Major Figures


  • Timeline
  • World History
    • Dwarven History
      • Gnomish History
    • Elven History
      • Firbolg History
    • Human History
      • Halfling History
    • History of the Lesser Species
  • Makhavireth
  • Vengehar
  • Cra'awrios

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